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If you are thinking about bringing an Australian Terrier into your family, here are some things for you to consider:

Take the time and do some research, ask questions of breeders or people that have an Aussie. Attend a dog show in your area sometimes they are represented there. Read up on the typical personality of an Aussie and really check out the Aussie breeder.  Like most people, we have similarities and differences. Find a breeder that meets your needs with a program that benefits the breed; health tested, sound temperament and well socialized. Aussies are a healthy breed, expect to have your companion for many years. Generally, Aussies can live up to 15 years. The time you spend on research will be time well spent.

Think about the kind of personality you are looking for in a puppy. This information would help your breeder to identify a puppy within a litter that would be a better fit for your family. Try not to base your decision on the sex of the puppy. An altered male or female are both equally wonderful.

When looking for a breeder, whenever possible, I recommend making a site visit. If that is not possible, make sure you get references. Look at the facility or home. Does it meet your standards? Is the environment safe, clean and do the dogs live inside? This is an inside breed.

Our breeding program is and will always be small, where our dogs live among us, they all get along and they're family to us. However, there isn't anything wrong with getting a puppy directly from a breeder that runs a kennel.  Again check the facility and meet the breeder.  There are some really great kennels run by quality breeders. 

If an Australian Terrier breeder claims their dogs "live in their house" and have many unaltered males as well as females living with them, make sure you ask them or find out if their dogs live most of their life in a crate. My research shows that most unaltered male Aussies do not live cohesively with other unaltered male Aussies. (I have to say our two unaltered boys do get along). Spending their life in a crate is NOT acceptable, and is not a sign of a good breeder. 
If you are able to purchase your new puppy by simply providing the breeder with your credit card number or pay pal account, that's NOT a sign of a quality breeder. A quality breeder would want to talk to you, obtain references and want to be assured that their puppy will be living in a loving home.

Don't assume the breeder who tells you I'm a good breeder because "I'm a member of a club", for example, belonging to some  "Dog Club" or some "Rescue Organizations" and have signed their "code of ethics" is in fact  an ethical breeder. From my own personal experience that provides no assurance, and in some cases sadly is a cover for unethical behavior.Clubs do not endorse or monitor any breeder!   All members of the AKC and breed clubs should abide by a Code of Ethics, not all AKC breeders abide. It's in your best interest to do your research!

Expect to fill out a questionnaire or an application. Don't be offended by that, be glad that the breeder cares where their puppies go. 

Your new addition will be with you for many years, take your time. pick the right breed for you and choosing a good breeder is very important. 

Good breeders don't over breed their dogs, neither the stud dog nor the bitch period! 

All breeders should be health testing their breeding dogs prior to breeding with tests that are appropriate for the specific breed. We test their Eyes, Knees (Patella's) and Thyroid of the sire and dam PRIOR to breeding.  The breeder should be happy to share the results with you.

Expect to be on a waiting list for an Australian Terrier puppy, they are not a common breed and if the breeder has puppies always available you should find out why.  We always have waiting lists for our future litters.

How much human interaction do the puppies receive? Are their dogs and puppies well socialized and friendly with both people and other animals?

If you decide on a puppy from a breeder, upon picking up your puppy, they will have a contract with you, that you mutually agree on care for the dog, neutering of it is to be a pet/companion, vaccination protocol to follow and registering the puppy.

Most also indicate, if anytime during the life of the dog you are no longer able to care for your dog, the breeder will not only take it back, but would require you to return it. Some situations, due to location, breeders and owners will mutually agree on another home. Again, do not be afraid or offended by this kind of breeder, it is a breeder like this you want to find.

The breeder should be knowledgeable, kind and helpful in addition to being available to you for the life of your dog!

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