Beckham and Gabby love the snow!

Life in rural Wisconsin in the winter can be so enjoyable.  First there is the beautiful snow, which provides plenty of outside activities such as; cross-country skiing, ice-fishing, sledding and skating just to name a few. 

Along with these enjoyable winter activities, there is the bitter cold, which generally starts in January and continues until late February.

So the question is, how do dogs like this weather, more specifically how do Australian Terriers like this weather? 

The Australian Terrier as we know is native to Australia.  The climate in Australia is quite different from the climate in the United States, particularly during the winter months in the Midwest part of the state.  In fact, much of Australia is closer to the equator than any part of the USA.

So, how does the Australian Terrier handle the climate in our area and how should you as their  family make sure they stay safe and warm during this cold time of year?

First and foremost you should know that the Australian Terrier is not an outside breed. It is not to be left out in cold weather period.  The purpose for this article is to give you suggestions on how to enjoy your Aussie in the winter weather and to protect them from the cold.

Our Aussies love playing in the snow.  Some like it better than others.  The first snow fall of the season is always exciting for us and for them.  

Generally speaking, our routine doesn't change too much with the cold weather. Our dogs are let outside in our fenced in yard to do their business, then they come in and have breakfast. They go outside off and on all day.  The difference is how long they stay outside.

Australian Terriers are a double coated dog, so their undercoat actually helps to keep them warm, while the harsher top coat acts somewhat like a windbreaker. Even so, during cold weather having them wear a coat is a good idea, particularly if you're going to take them on a walk.

Another suggestion is to consider getting your Australian Terrier boots.  An Aussie friend of mine from Minnesota, takes her dog for a walk twice a day regardless of weather.  She suggests that boots are a definite necessity.  Click on the photo of the boots for the link.  These boots actually stay on!

Boots are also a sure way to keep snowballs from forming on the bottom of their feet!

Aussies love to play fetch and winter is no exception.  They also like to go vole hunting under the snow.  If allowed they would stay out for hours patiently waiting for the vole to surface.  Squirrel chasing is always a daily activity at our house.

Make sure you shovel  path way for your dog to use when the snow is high for them to potty outside. 

A few precautions to be aware of also are:

1. If you walk your dog on sidewalks that have been salted to prevent slippery ice build-up, make sure you rinse the salt off the bottom of your dogs feet when you return home.

2. Anti-freeze is a very dangerous poison to your dogs.  Make certain that it is not accessible to your dogs.

For more information about Hypothermia or Frost Bites in Dogs visit this link.

Mostly, this time of year, our Aussies, just love to curl up on the couch or by the fireplace and like the rest of the family, dream of spring and spending more time outside.