I am so pleased to announce a new Australian Terrier organization has been formed, www.australianterrierinternational.org for everyone interested in this wonderful breed.

The Australian Terrier International (ATI) was formed by Aussie people from all across the globe. 

The mission of the ATI is to "Encourage and educate others about this grand little breed.  To foster co-operation Internationally. Whether you own an Aussie OR are considering one, are interested in showing or breeding an Aussie."

Also, all dues are donated to the Canine Health Foundation-Australian Terrier Health Fund!  How great is that!

As one of the originating Founders of the ATI, it's been a rewarding experience to work with other members of this organization who are working very hard to provide the best information about the Aussie. The Founding members of the ATI knowledge, experience and background in the Aussie breed is remarkable. 

I invite you to visit the site and if you are interested in joining to request a membership.  The first newsletter is already available it includes great information from how to pick a breeder, to health issues, to just cute photos.

Hope you find ATI a helpful resource.