Best in Show!

Grand Champion Dunham Lake Scoutmaster "Scout" our first bred Champion, Grand Champion, Multiple Group placing, Multiple Reserve Best in Show and now our first Best in Show!

What an Aussie! What a weekend! Our family was there, Scout's family was there, it was a very emotional experience for all of us. We are thrilled as you might imagine with this win and as it reflects our breeding program.

Breeding quality dogs, that are health and temperament tested, producing and evaluating the best in your litter is key to any successful breeding program. But unless someone shows your dogs and shows them well, you may be the only person that ever knows how good they are.

Wining a Best in Show is a group effort. We, the breeder, put together the breeding pair that we felt would create healthy and correct Aussies based on the breed standard. We selected the puppy or puppies we determined was the best. In Scout's case, the Steinmetz family, his family, deserves all the credit for showing him and promoting him. His handler, Jackie Johnson, the Steinmetz daughter and professional handler, deserves all the credit for her excellent handling and grooming skills.

The Australian Terrier was brought over to the US sometime in the late 1800's. Like all breeds there are breeders years before us that have established their breeding line's and as we all do try to improve the breed litter by litter. History is important to evaluate, but only the breeder of the two dogs is responsible for the litter they produce, both good and bad results. While I know there are many beautiful Australian Terriers in Scout's pedigree, with the exception of Crestwood Cracker Jack, GCH Dunham Lake Scoutmaster is the only other Aussie in his pedigree that has ever won a Best in Show. In fact, there have only been 15 other Australian Terriers in the history of showing the breed that have ever won a Best in Show in the USA. Scout is #16.

Our family has always done things on our own, for many reasons. We take great pride in having been successful in our breeding program with many top awards at several National Specialties, Best Bred by at Eukanuba, many more and now with the ultimate show award, Best in Show!

A HUGE "Thank You" to the Steinmetz family and Jackie Johnson, Scout's handler for making our dream a reality. Congratulations, well done Scoutie boy keep them coming!