When we decided to breed our first Australian Terrier we had many things to consider, not only the breeding pair, but where will they be whelped which led to looking for a whelping box. 

We were fortunate that when we built our home a few years ago, we planned on breeding, so we have a really wonderful set up in the lower level of our home, which includes infloor heating, windows, a door to the exterior back yard, even a sink. 

My husband, the handyman, decided to take on the responsiblity of building a Whelping Box for our dogs and their puppies.  He did extensive research and came up with these plans for our Australian Terrier Breed. 

The material is very similar to shelving material, so it's easy to clean and sanitary. I always put a clean towel on the bottom.  Don't use anything too loose to avoid a puppy getting lost in the folds. I hope you find them helpful.
Plans to build your own Whelping Box by Rich Goiffon.