Just thinking this morning... I don't usually share personal feelings I might have on my open pages for the world to read, I save that for my secret/private DL family group. (If you are not yet a member, private message me and I will send you an invite theresaagoiffon@msn.com). But waking up this cold winter morning, to my 8 Aussies all around me, the snow coming down, the fire crackling, my daughter working on school work, I feel truly blessed and wanted to share our philosophy as a breeder of Dunham Lake Australian Terriers.

In our short time as a breeder, almost 8 years in the breed, having achieved many many successes in breeding and showing my Australian Terriers, many thanks to my daughters as well, no doubt I am very proud. Not many in our breed, well to be exact, only 15 other breeders in the history of showing Australian Terriers in the US, can say they bred a Best in Show. One of my bred by dogs "Scout" #1 Australian Terrier in American, going on 2 years in a row, has won 2 Best in Shows in 2013, he is going to Westminster again, and this year is only beginning. Neither can many can say they won Best Bred By at Eukanuba breeder/owner/handler 11 year old Ellie, my daughter, we can. Multiple dogs and multiple top awards were won by Dunham Lake bred Australian Terriers at the 2013 National Specialty. These are just a few of our highlights. Some show people talk about all the politics and "influencing Judges" I know that happens sometimes, with less than scrupulous exhibitors and judges, I have seen it too, but our wins are honest and true, as we don't operate that way and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

While our successes are many and these top awards given by many many judges, confirms our quality of breeding not only healthy and sound temperament Australian Terriers, but our over-all conformation of meeting the standard has been established. Striving to breed the best Australian Terriers, whether for show or family companions, is the most important and satisfying aspect of what we do. Showing top award winning Australian Terriers is rewarding no doubt, but their constant companionship and the wonderful families that have become our friends, through the process of adopting one of our puppies, is by far the best part for us.

We hear updates, photo's, questions, compliments, fun stories each and every day from my families that have one of our puppies, it brings us great joy! This is not a plug for puppy sales, I have waiting lists for my puppies, but it's something I wanted to share. 

Whether our dogs win, lose, continue to be the #1 Australian Terrier in America, like Scout, or just our best friend like Sparrow, who keeps my feet warm in my bed at night, enjoying our dogs, that is what is important. This breed is a devoted family dog and each one deserves no less than a wonderful happy loving family. In return, we as their caregivers receive so much more  

I hope you enjoy the photo's and updates here on my DL Facebook page or here on my website. I hope you have a clear picture what I believe is important in my breeding program. We are committed to this breed, and with my daughters as our future generation to continue this breed, I am filled with gratification.

I wish you all a very blessed and prosperous 2014!

AKC Breeder of Merit, MBIS Breeder