We are proud of all our Aussies at Dunham Lake Australian Terriers, whether they are Grand Champions, Champions, show dogs in training or simply a loving family companion.  Our focus is and always will be about breeding healthy, well socialized Australian Terriers for families.  Sure, we share our excitement when our dogs do well, either in conformation, obedience or the joy we get from an email or a call from one of our families sharing a story about their Aussie that came from us.

We'd like to take a moment and share some exciting news with you, but first a bit of history...

Initially, finding a quality Australian Terrier breeder in our area, willing to help us get started in this breed, was difficult for us. However, that was far from our most difficult obstacle, so we found our own way. We found the Australian Terrier people of South Australia our friends and mentors particularly early on.

Now several years later,  I am a co-founder of www.australianterrierinternational.org, we have had 3 wonderful litters and we have enjoyed some show success as well. We have found wonderful mentors from all walks of life and many friends in the Australian Terrier Breed.  My family and I are so glad to be a very small part in the future of Australian Terriers, even if it's just providing helpful information.

On  December 7, 2009, our Aussie, Dakota had her second litter, a litter of 5 beautiful and healthy puppies, 3 males and 2 females.  Our waiting list, as always, was full before these puppies were born. However, shortly after they were born, I received a call from a wonderful family in Wisconsin that was looking for a male Australian Terrier to show.  Sadly, I didn't have a puppy for them. I recommended they contact another quality breeder.

Later, while talking to my very dear Aussie friend who had planned to get a show male from this litter, she generously gave up her place on our list for this family.

We evaluated the puppies as always, for conformation, obedience, temperament and one puppy stuck out to us. Not only having nice conformation, but the right attitude.  

We consulted and received valuable feed-back from many experienced breeders in the US and abroad.  Because the litter was so consistent it was not an easy task to pick the "show" puppies in this litter.  But in the end we picked the puppy we called Jim as our male show prospect.

At 12 weeks old the puppy we called "Jim", who was renamed Dunham Lake Scout Master "Scout" went to live with his family.  Like our "show" home, he lives with his loving family, first as their companion, but also enjoys the show ring.

From the moment he entered the ring, he seemed quite confident. When Scout was 6 months old he won his first point, at 7 months won Best of Breed, with several Australian Terriers competing. Scout became a Champion at 13 months, including beating his father, GCH Just for Kicks, "Beckham", (the 4th Australian Terrier to acheive the AKC Grand Championship in the US).

At 15 months Scout won his first Terrier Group placement.  To date Scout is the 5th top Australian Terrier in the US. 

We are thrilled to announce that Scout is the youngest Australian Terrier to achieve the AKC Grand Championship title at the age of 16 months.  Dunham Lake's first bred by Grand Champion, Scout.

I want to thank all the judges and his handler/owner Jackie Steinmetz, her mother Terri, as well as his family, Jane and Tim for their faith in me, a new breeder and for their dedication to Scout. We love you Scout!

GCH. Dunham Lake Scout Master "Scout"
Owned by: Tim and Jane Steinmetz and Theresa and Ellie Goiffon