Home from the 5 day 20 hour drive from our home in Wisconsin to Pennsylvania which included a National Specialty one day and the Montgomery County Terrier show. 

Our dogs and breeding was well represented. We are pleased with our results on Friday at the Hatboro show, during the designated National show BIS BIS/NOH GCH Ch Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision "Jake" won breed and a new title Best in Show Specialty (BISS) with 20 Australian Terriers entered, the largest entry that weekend. A huge thank you to Judge Mrs. Pamela Peat who was an excellent judge and certainly knows our breed.

Morris and Essex was an amazing event that happens only once every five years and it is really a special show. There were roughly 4500 dogs entered, I believe the largest dog show in the USA. Our girl Gch Ch Dunham Lake Touched by an Angel "Gabby" shown by our dear friend Tina Nordren won Best of Opposite under Judge Mr. Seymour Weiss. We didn't win breed that day, but he was an excellent judge as well and knows terriers that's for sure. He was very complimentary of the Australian Terriers and knows the history of our breed having judged them when they first entered the ring back in the 60's.

Montgomery was a disappointment to us not winning breed under Judge Connie Clark. We did however, win Best of Opposite and Best Bred by as well as Select with both Gabby and Jake. Our little boy Edward also won Reserve in his class. Jake went on to the Best Bred By group to get a first cut, but did not place.

The weather was terrible, these are outside shows for the most part and the rain just would not stop. The Devon show was cancelled due to all the rain.

Now for the not so good report. While the Judge runs the ring and decides who he/her believes to meet the overall standard of the breed the best, there was one judge that I must call out for not only his lack of knowledge in our breed but his incompetence with basic procedure in the ring. That judge is Mr. R. C. Williams from California. He was provisional judge for Australian Terriers, so he recently has studied the breed and should know ring procedure. He was disorganized and scattered. His placements I won't address.

The worst part of his judging was when he evaluated a dog with his tail that flew in from Sweden with his owner to show.  He reviewed the standard while in the ring and told the exhibitor that the tail was a fault and he did not consider the dog. It was embarrassing for the exhibitor and it angered many of the rest of us in the ring. Thankfully, the President of the ATCA did talk to him after the show and explain to him, that while the standard reads docked it is not a disqualification and the best dog regardless of natural tail needs to be considered. He laughed it off and said something like well, I guess I learned something.

I hope others complain about this! We pay expensive entry fees and travel expenses, some as far as in this case Sweden then to be treated with such incompetence, it is unacceptable. We also watched him judge other terrier breeds, his procedure was similar, unorganized and not knowledgeable.

There is no excuse for this!