Happy New Year and Greetings Friends!

We’re looking forward to 2010! It’s already off to a great start here at Dunham Lake Aussies! 

A few plans for 2010…
Introducing several of our beautiful puppies to the show ring! Mentoring and assisting our wonderful new families adopting one of our puppies.
     Support and assist our club. Continue to volunteer and offer support to our local Humane Society and Aussie Rescue. Attend many dog shows including International shows. As always, stay true to our breeding program and mission to raise healthy and sound Aussies. Enjoy our Aussies!

Since this is a time to reflect, I was thinking about ways I’d like to spend more time in 2010, just enjoying our family and companions.  Here are some ways we enjoy our Aussies and ways you might find fun as well.

Aussies love agility and last year I discovered on line a company called affordableagility.com which is the maker of Agility in a Bag.  It’s a very handy and durable agility course for your dog.  We have spent hours using this set.  It’s easy to set up and take anywhere.  Our Aussies see the carrying case and go crazy!

Other great toys for your pet play time making it more enjoyable consider a few of these toys:     

Interactive toys, such as rope tugs, tennis balls and Frisbees.

Durable fabric toys with or without squeakers. (If you don’t want your dog to go after   bunnies outside, remove all squeakers). 

Kong type toys are great self entertainment for your pooch, where you place a treat inside the toy.  A great toy when you’re not home or entertaining to watch them try to remove the treat :^)

Remember when you give your dog a new toy, make sure it’s safe and not something they can choke on.

We wish you all a fabulous year!