Memories... since Lydia has now moved out on her own, what else am I to do on a rainy day, kids all gone, but reorganize her room, which will now become another guest room.

I found a treasure among a few things she left behind. A tee-shirt I had made, one for Lydia with her dog "Kaih's" name and one for Ellie with "Dakota's" name on it. I thought it would be special for the girls to wear these shirts at their first dog show. 
Little did I know that is not proper.

It was the first show we participated in, this was held in St. Cloud, MN, December 2007. The judge was the well known Mr. Peter Green, of course, we didn't know that then. The ring steward had the girls turn the tee-shirts inside out (because they had their names on them) and they showed their dogs. Judge Green was very nice to them, he told us that Dakota had great potential, but Kaih he didn't like as much. Both of course went on to finish their Championship and produce some beautiful Aussies. 

We thanked everyone for their help and tips and signed the girls up for conformation training that following week. The rest as they say, is history. They've come a long way and it all started with this little memory I found today