This is a topic that I am addressing again because of the time of year and if you and your pets swim in lakes you really need to be informed about Blue Green Algae.

We lost our very loved Australian Terrier, Harley last July, he was only 2 years old.  He was healthy, happy and loved the water as all our aussies do.  Sadly, he drank lake water that had been toxic with Blue Green Algae.  At the time, we didn't even know such a toxin existed, much less would have ever thought it would be in our clean, spring feed, very deep lake. 

What we know now is it's a concern not only in our area of the country, Wisconsin and Minnesota, but in many other states and countries.  I have heard of instances of Blue Green Algae poisoning even in New Zealand.

Much government research is currently underway on Blue Green Algae but until a solution to eliminate this toxin is discovered, please visit this site and educate yourself and your family on Blue Green Algae before you let your children and animals in lakes or ponds this summer. It might just save your pets life.

In loving memory of Harley 10-29-06-07-29-09

Harley on the pontoon with his family.