(Teddy,owned by Jan and Duane, Bred by Dunham Lake Aussies, pictured above at almost 1 year, was potty trained easily)

It would be nice to keep the guessing out of knowing when your 4-legged friend needs to go outside. Some dogs, like our Aussies, come up to us and stare at us, one has a certain bark he makes, yet another will sometimes jump up at us and when she does, you know it's time to run to the door. 

Every pet owner eventually figures it out and looks for the signs from their dog, but there is another way. If your Aussie is potty trained but it's hard to tell when he needs to go out, or your just starting to potty train your Aussie, we have a suggestion for you.

At 8-10 weeks old the puppies we raise are newspaper trained and almost outside potty trained. When our 12 week old puppies, have to go potty, sometimes they bark then start to circle and sniff, then look for newspaper and if they can't find any and if we're not paying attention, they will go by the door. They are doing great, but sometimes I miss their signs.

One of our puppies Teddy, from a prior litter has been trained to "ring a bell" when he wants to go outside.  According to Jan, "Teddy had only a few potty accidents when they brought him home, but it was not easy to know when he had to go out".  He didn't really know how to tell them. 

Jan had heard about hanging a bell on the door you use to let out your dog and eventually, your dog will ring the bell when he wants to go out. Teddy's mom tried it and it absolutely worked and very quickly too.

Here's what you do...

Hang a bell from the door handle of the door where he'll be going out to be a "good boy".  Use a piece of ribbon and a really nice sounding bell such as a Thai temple bell which has a nice mellow sound.  Make sure to put it at his nose level so that he can ring it and then make sure that you gently tap his nose with the bell to ring it each and every time that he exits that door so he can associate it with "outside". 

Go out with your puppy and watch him until he does what he wanted to do, bring him right back in where a treat and lots of cheers were waiting for him. Unlike normal potty training, no playing around or cheers after he goes potty outside, so he wouldn't forget why he went out.

The Australian Terrier is an extremely smart and fast learning breed.  If your puppy comes from Dunham Lake Australian Terriers, to finish his potty training will be a snap,  you will just need to continue where we left off and be consistent.

Thanks Jan for this helpful tip!

Hope others try it and find it as helpful to them as well.