Spring has finally sprung here in Northwestern Wisconsin! Time for yard clean up and just enjoying long walks again with our dogs.  It's also time to think about flea and tick preventative.
Depending on what part of the country you live in, these may not be an issue for you. We do not have a problem with fleas, however, for us wood ticks and deer ticks are impossible to avoid. There have been years where we literally pick up to 25 or more ticks off each dog every night! 

Lyme's Disease is very common in our area, not only in our animals but humans as well. It can be very serious and life altering.  The vaccinations for the disease are not very affective. However, we do vaccinate our dogs with the Lyme's preventative, because studies show if they are to contract Lyme's the symptoms are greatly reduced. 

One suggestion that has helped minimize these ticks on our dogs was our fenced in yard.  During peak tick season, which for us is generally in May and again in September we don't let our dogs go into the woods or in long grass.

We try to use only organic products whenever possible.  We have tried and with some success used concentrated lemon grass diluted with water and put in a spray bottle. This helps to keep the wood ticks off and is the ONLY thing we use on our puppies for flea and tick control.  However, as much as we try to resist, sometimes a more powerful solution is necessary.

What we have found works best for us is using the basic Frontline seasonally.  I don't apply it monthly, typically every other month or less. We apply Frontline in April, just after the first big snow melt, than again in June, repeat again in August and generally that covers the season.

NEVER EVER apply Frontline at the same time you give your dogs their Heartworm oral meds. There have been reports of serious side affects.

We have not experienced any side effects from using this product on both our Australian Terriers and Australian Shepherds, but as always consult with your Veterinarian.