This is not about "self promotion" or " puppy sales" that's not the intent in any way. All of our puppies have their forever homes, as it is, we have a hard time keeping up with the demand for one of our puppies.  Anyone with a computer, a webcam and a bit of computer sense could do what we have done.

Actually, truth be told, my 12 year old daughter Ellie did the research, picked the web stream provider and got it all set up. Thank you Ellie :)  Yup, that's the truth. But it does takes some time and some tweaking.

Dunham Lake Australian Terriers had a litter of puppies on May 18, 2011.  We were very excited about this breeding.  This was our girl, 4 year old, Ch. Benayr Kaih Catch the Wave's first litter, she is a very special part of our family.

This litter  was a total outcross with a handsome red sire owned by friends of ours Cheryl and Jim Mechalke, GCH Nellyson's Don't Skip the Zip. He is an imported Aussie from Sweden and was bred by a wonderful breeder Tina Nordgren. 

The breeding produced 5 healthy and very spunky puppies.  3 reds, 2 boys and 1 girl and 2 blue tans both girls.  We couldn't be happier.

So why broadcast our puppies?  Well, it was an idea that was suggested to me by a lady that has one of our puppies, specifically, our puppy Gus.  His mother, Debbie, told me how much she has enjoyed watching the Shiba puppies and how much she would like it if we put our puppies on a webcam.

We certainly thank Debbie for her suggestion! Our puppy cam has been a huge success and a great way for people, particularly those not familiar with the breed, to see them "live" growing and developing before their eyes in a good environment.

Our puppies were born and spent their first couple weeks in what we call our "puppy room".  It is a room in our house located in the lower level area. The room includes a sink, windows, a door to the outside and the best part is it has its own thermostat with in-floor heating so we can adjust the temperature specifically to this room. This room is away from all of our normal activities, our other animals and is a great place for our puppies and their mother.

As our puppies grow, our mother dogs really dislike being in this room.  Why? Because they are part of our normal life and don't like the feeling of being isolated.  They bark, they complain, they scratch at the door. Therefore, when the puppies are entering their 3rd week of age, we bring them and their mom upstairs. They spend the entire day with us in our kitchen in a play pen until they outgrow that. 

This is ideal for the puppies, the mother dog as well as the other animals in our family that walk around the play pen getting use to the new life here.

Have Web cam will travel :)

We move the puppies and their mother back to the puppy room over night.  It is a temperature controlled room, the whelping box is very safe and the mother dog can come and go as she wishes.

When we move the puppies and Kaih, from downstairs to upstairs, we move the puppy cam as well.  Generally, we have the audio off now because either Kaih is barking because she isn't happy about being away from her bed "Lydia's bed" or the puppies are in our main living area.

We have used several different web cam's, as well as having fried a computer, but I think we now have it figured out, and our routine as well.

We hope you are enjoying watching our puppies grow as much as we are.  If you would like to learn from our trials and errors on how to set up a web-cam, please let us know, we are always happy to help!