How'd you get started in showing dogs? What's it like to show dogs? I get asked these questions many times so let me tell you...

Our girls started showing our Aussies in 2007. We decided we have to start somewhere, so we jumped right into the ring (pretty much literally) and began showing our Aussies.  

Our first show was in St. Cloud MN, we didn't have any idea what we were doing. The girls wore tee-shirts with their dogs name on them and wore jeans (that's NOT how it's done :^). We thought, how hard can it be to walk your dog around in a circle, right? Wrong! We didn't have any instruction on how to show the dog and were completely unprepared!  We didn't know what ribbon meant what, but getting a blue one is a good thing :^)  A sweet steward at this show, suggested we look into conformation training.  I didn't understand what she was talking about.  Confirmation training, that's what we do for church!  Not "CONFIRMATION"..."CONFORMATION" training.  Like I said, I didn't have a clue :^)

Now after professional dog training and handling for several months, the girls and their dogs have come a LONG way since that first show, but we are still all learning.

In 2010, our girls ranked 1st and 2nd Junior Handlers, showing Australian Terriers in the USA. We're so proud of them and their dogs!

Ellie our 11 year old was also invited as a top Junior Handler to attend the AKC Eukanuba televised dog show in December 2010, held in California.

Our girls show in both Conformation and Open Juniors. Both classes offer different and interesting experiences. Juniors is a great place for kids, as it teaches them disapline, patience and wholesome fun competition!  Conformation is fun to see how our dogs compare to their standard against others within their own breed.  We are pleased to say, they have done quite well!  This has been a wonderful family activity that our family enjoys.  We make out of town dog shows mini family vacations where our dogs come too!

We participate in several dog shows a year.  Dog shows for us is a fun family activity.  Finishing our dogs to their Championship, at our own pace with our daughters on the lead, is so rewarding.

One of our goals is to be a resource for people interested in Aussies.  We wish we had someone to give us honest advice and help when we started this journey of showing dogs. We encourage other Junior Handlers and their families and offer positive support to anyone interested in showing or simply owning a companion Australian Terrier. Assisting others get off to a great start with their Aussie is so important and it's also what is best for the betterment of the breed. Not to mention to save you the embarrassment :^)