Health Tested

Part of being a responsible breeder, is to health test your dogs prior to breeding.
We support health testing and share our results.

 Some of the results you can find on the OFA site directly, see the links below.

  If you are a breeder interested in stud service or are looking for a puppy from Dunham Lake Aussies,
we will be happy to share the actual reports with you.

Click here for further health testing results.

Name                                                   DOB                Sex       Eyes Cerf.         Thyroid            Patella

BIS GCH CH Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision "Jake"

All Normal  OFFA   CHIC                     05-18-11             M         05-27-14          04-02-13      07-09-13

Gch. Dunham Lake Scout Master "Scout"
                                                            12-06-09           M         02-18-14           02-19-14       02-16-14

All Normal OFFA CHIC

Dunham Lake The Natural "Chase"     07-27-13          M          08-15-14          09-09-14        09-09-14

All Normal OFFA Not CHIC because he was not micro chipped at the time of testing. But results are accurate.

Gch. Dunham Lake Gabriella Touched by an Angel "Gabby"

                                                            12-06-09           F          05-27-14           07-16-12       07-09-13
All Normal OFFA CHIC

Ch Dunham Lake Celebration "Mara"  07-04-13          F           02-10-16         02-08-16         02-10-16

All Normal OFFA CHIC (coming soon to OFFA)

Ch Dunham Lake Scout's Honor "Edward   11-22-14  M          01-16              02-09-16        02-09-16

All Normal OFFA CHIC

Maybush Red Radiant Knight "Nova"           05-22-14 F           01-16             02-09-16         02-09-16

All Normal OFFA CHIC

Nellyson's Ava Good Weekend "Snooza"

All Normal OFFA CHIC                      03-22-13            F             03-15                   03-15              03-15

Ch. Dunham Lake Take a Bow "Reba" (Now retired and spayed)

All Normal OFFA  CHIC                         05-18-11            F         05-23-13           04-02-13         04-02-13

Ch. Nellyson's Yippy Yippy Yay! "Loretta"

All Normal OFFA CHIC                           04-26-12             F          05-14-14           04-30-14         11-20-13

Gch. Benayr Just for Kicks "Beckham"  (Now retired and neutered)
                                                            05-12-08           M         07-16-11           04-18-11         04-10-13  0/1 
All Normal

Ch.  Benayr Dakota's Daring Darling "Dakota" (Now retired and spayed)
                                                            05-06-07           F          06-20-10           09-27-11        06-18-10
All Normal

Ch. Benayr Kaih Catch the Wave "Kaih" (Now retired and spayed)
                                                            05-06-07           F          06-23-11           05-16-12        05-16-12
All Normal OFFA

Dunham Lake Beatrice Much ado about Something "Bea"

                                                            12-06-09           F          06-23-11           06-18-12        04-18-11
All Normal

Int. Ch.  Dunham Lake Moon Dream "Miles"
                                                            07-10-10           M         06-23-11            07-28-11        07-28-11
All Normal OFFA