Our Mission Statement

To enjoy our Australian Terriers at home and in the show ring. To breed with integrity; healthy, sound temperament Australian Terriers, which are well socialized and meet the conformation standard for our breed. Improving upon the breed, producing quality not quantity Australian Terriers, in the Midwest. Producing show puppies, but focusing on raising Aussies as loving family companions.
To be a helpful resource for others interested in the Australian Terrier Breed.
Theresa Goiffon, AKC Breeder of Merit, Breed with H.E.A.R.T Breeder and Animal Advocate.

We have few liters, typically 2 a year. Our focus is on breeding and raising healthy Aussies with sound temperament

We breed to the
breed standard.  
We have loved show dogs that we enjoy showing. This being said, our breeding goal is to raise sound, healthy puppies for families as companions. We have bred show quality pups, and we are concerned about improving the breed, but simply put, placing our puppies in loving homes is our first priority. 

We will no longer be docking tails. There is no health reason to do so and based on the Australian Standard (the Standard in which the AKC Standard was derived) tail docking is no longer allowed.

We health test our dogs prior to breeding, Eyes (ACVO/CERF), Thyroid (T4/TSH/VTSH) and Patella's, all have been examined by a qualified veterinarian, all results were normal and healthy.  

Because we have so few dogs and plan to stay a small  hands-on breeder, our puppies receive constant individualized attention from us. We have a special whelping room in our home, built special for our mother dog and her puppies. The room is private, away from the other dogs and activities, with in-floor heating and with plenty of windows.    

By the time our puppies will be ready to go to their forever loving homes at 12 weeks, we will have started them on outside potty training and over-night crate potty training. Our puppies have been taught sit, down, come and know their given names before they join their adoptive families! See video's on puppy page. At 6 weeks of age, they are already weaned and eating solid food.  The following few weeks, before they leave to their forever homes, they are taught proper behavior by their mother and our other dogs, which is important. 

Along with good health, appropriate health testing for this breed and good nutrition, the environment in which a puppy is raised is key.  Our puppies receive constant socialization with not only adults and children, but our 3 cats, Molly and Jewel our very loving Australian Shepherds and of course our six Australian Terriers.  These factors contribute greatly to a puppy's life experiences and will translate into the way they will perceive people and animals they will meet through-out their lifetime!

It is our desire to introduce our puppies to a variety of experiences which will make them more comfortable in many situations. It has been said, that every puppy by the time he is 4 months old should have met 100 different people.  The puppy should be introduced to people with hats, glasses, backbacks, children and adults. This goes for all breeds, not just the Aussie. Ultimately, this will result in a happier dog and a very well adjusted companion for you.

Adopting an Australian Terrier from Dunham Lake

If you are interesting in adopting a puppy from us, please contact us early, as we only have puppies occasionally and our waiting list fills up very quickly. I require an adoption application be completed, not only to ensure our puppies will receive a wonderful home, but to help me choose the best puppy for your family.  Once I approve your application, you are placed on our waiting list in the order received. I do not ship my puppies. I strongly believe it is not in my puppy's best interest. There are many factors to consider particularly if you are shipping abroad to rabies free countries where your puppy must remain in quarantine for more than a month.  If you do not live within driving distance to our area of the country, there are acceptable alternatives. If you are a breeder, a great alternative can be shipping semen for advancing the gene pool of our breed which is accepted throughout the US and in many countries. Flying here to us and bringing your puppy with you on the plane as a passenger is a great option. This option works perfect and is quite economical for those in the US and those countries that do not accept shipped semen. 

I know it can be difficult to wait for a puppy. Should you choose not to wait for one of our puppies, I have a wonderful network of quality Australian Terrier Breeders that I would be happy to recommend. Do your research on the breed and ask many questions.  I am always happy to assist you in any way I can.

Visit "Aussie Talk" for updated Dunham Lake Aussie news, helpful tips and current events in the dog world.

Before you adopt an Aussie, please read my Aussie Talk page under Helpful Tips called 
"Considering an Aussie"

Many references provided upon request.

We love talking about Aussie's if you have questions about this breed, just drop me an e-mail at info@dunhamlakeaustralianterriers.com or
 give me a call at 715-689-2675.