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Snooza/Edward  PEDIGREE Born 06-14-20 (View live puppy cam below)

Juno/Wilbur  PEDIGREE (Born 07-04-20)

Godiva/Maverick (Summer 2020) 

Lana/Hunter (Summer 2020) PEDIGREE

For more information about these breedings or if you would like to added to our waiting list in the future, please send me an email at theresaagoiffon@msn.com

 MORE photos and videos below...

We have puppies that we have bred located all over the world, but we DO NOT ship our puppies. 
(If you are out state and wish to fly to pick up your puppy and fly back with your puppy in the plane, next to you, that is acceptable and works great.

We have an on-going waiting list and our puppies are always promised before they are born

  By the time our puppies go to their forever homes, their potty training is well underway, we have taught them to sit, go down and come.  They are well socialized, healthy and very happy and friendly little puppies. Just ask our extended families.

More fun photo's of our dogs here.               

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 Puppies at 8 weeks old and 3 weeks old.

A typical day for our puppies shown in these short videos.