Teddy lives with his family in Minnesota.  He is active in obedience attending many local programs and completed training classes. He has won 1st place for his age!  We're so happy for him and his family. We see Jan and Teddy as often as possible.  He is a wonderful dog, so happy and smart.

Jazz  was re-homed in August 2011 and renamed Buddy. Lives with his family in Minnesota.  He's a very happy little guy with his new family who love him and appreciate him for who he is. They think he is perfect!  (Buddy was my first and only re-homing.  Buddy had his new home within 1 hour of his previous family asking to return him).

Dori lives in Wisconsin with her family that includes a 2 year old Golden Retriever, named Zoey.  She's very loved by her family and hope to see them this summer.