BIG NEWS for the Dunham Lake Sticky Beak "Webe" owned by Ruthann McCaulley and us. Webe the most performance titled Australian Terrier in history, has two new freestyle titles, Sassy Senior Beginner Heelwork and Sassy Senior Beginner Musical Freestyle. Got the final results yesterday. Happy dance here. Unless I've really counted all wrong this brings Webe's title total to 38.

Now onto novice, need to seriously think about my routine. Will update Old Glory and make it more difficult, and working on If I was a Rich Man for Freestyle.

Here are links to our routines. Heelwork to music the dog works in heel, close to the handler in front, either side, behind. No jumping or weaving or distance work. Musical Freestyle is pretty much anything goes as long as it's safe - - lots of weaving, spinning, jumping and some distance things.

Any kind of freestyle is Webe's mostest, bestest biggest favorite thing to do, and he is constantly inventing new moves and love anything that has to do with backing up, in, around or thru - while we are performing. Keeps his owner Ruthann on her toes.