Finnick is the first Australian Terrier to earn an NW3 title and to earn his AKKC Advanced Scentwork title. 

Another "first in Australian Terriers" by a bred by Dunham Lake Aussie, showing how versatile this breed is ❤
Below comment by Finnick's owner and handler Beth Moon. Thank you to Beth and as his breeder I am so very proud of you both ❤
"Finnick is proud of himself because he is the first Australian Terrier to earn his AKC Advanced scentwork title (SWA) He also earned four 1st places in buried and one 1st place in interior masters this weekend. I’m very proud of my exuberant Aussie. He is very vocal about Nosework being his favorite thing in the whole world."

Finnick is the first Australian Terrier to earn an NW3 title

Finnick was 2nd place overall (missing 1st place by 1 second). We got a first in Vehicles (one search we covered a boat and a firetruck in 34 seconds). We placed 3rd in containers and 3rd in exteriors. I'm so proud of him! I need the videos as proof at how fast he really was.

One exterior search was a rabbit barn and we had to correctly call no hides. Other terrier handlers talked about how their dog just wanted to critter and it took out a lot of teams. But Finnick is all business when it comes to Nosework!

As promised Finnick got his victory Dairy Queen and he savored that cone for 3 whole mins. Photo's and text by Finnick's owner Beth Moon