Dunham Lake Australian Terriers are well represented...
in the conformation and performance rings!

Top ranked currently or over several years in the past include:

Multiple Best in Show with multiple dogs bred by us.
 #1 Australian Terrier in the USA (All-Breed) Conformation and Owner/Handler
 #1 and #2 Australian Terrier in the USA (Rally Novice) Natural tail's
 #1 and only Australian Terrier (Nosework) Natural tail
 #1 Australian Terrier (Junior Showmanship) Natural tail
Not sure where we stand on Agility but we are ranked as well.
#2 Australian Terrier in the USA (FastCAT) first ranked with his natural tail
#1 Australian Terrier in (Free-style) dance. 
Most performance titled Australian Terrier in History "Dunham Lake Sticky Beak "Webe"

Thank you to all my wonderful families that show, compete and most of all love our Aussies. 
All of you have contributed to our success and we are so grateful to you all!