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About us

We love, show and breed top ranked show dogs and loving family companions. Our dogs are all health and temperament tested in accordance with our breed standard recommended testing. 

We live in beautiful Northwestern Wisconsin. We have 8 dogs that live with us,  6 of them are Australian Terriers, 2 Australian Shepherds, 3 cats 3 horses, even some chickens. We also co-own several Australian Terriers, that don't live with us. All of our dogs and cats are our companions and live in our home. Having owned dogs and cats for over 40 years, including having hand-reared Cockatiels, we decided to research a dog breed that fit our family that we could show and eventually breed. In 2005, we discovered the Australian Terrier and fell in love with this charming little dog.

In 2007 we fulfilled our dream to show and eventually raise healthy, well socialized Australian Terriers. We located a long-time breeder anxious to sell us our first two Aussie puppies, Dakota and Kaih. Even though our philosophy of breeding and raising dogs is quite different from the breeder our first dogs came from,  we are grateful to our breeder for selling us our first Aussies.

Our Australian Terriers are Best In Show Winning, AKC Grand Champions, Champions, Muti-Group Winners, Reserve Best in Show or Champions in training! But all are our loving companions.  It's a wonderful family activity that we enjoy as often as possible.  Junior's has helped develop our girls confidence.  Working with their dogs is a great way to teach responsibility  patience and good sportsmanship. It's a wonderful program. I also enjoy stewarding ringside, volunteering when I can, it's been a great learning experience seeing how things work from the inside out. The girls enjoy working at our club, assisting where needed at dog show events. 

We hope to be a helpful resource for others interested in the Australian Terrier Breed because there was very limited information available to us when we discovered them. 

 We are grateful to our many friends  and to the Judges who have evaluated our dogs. Most of all thank God for His many blessings. I am an AKC Breeder of Merit, Secretary of our Kennel club, Best Bred by Exhibitor of Australian Terriers at Eukanuba, and Breeder of two Best in Show Australian Terriers and co-owner of a Multi- Best in Show Australian Terriers. 

Our home and property.

We have not only bred wonderful puppies for ourselves and other families but we have achieved the ultimate award in the show ring, we bred and co-own the 16th and 17th Australian Terrier in the USA that Achieved a Best of Show, Scout and Jake.  Scout was out of my 2nd litter. He along with his sister Gabby have achieved many high honors. Jake my first red bred by boy has followed his footsteps and in November 2014 also received his first Best in Show win with my 15 year old daughter Ellie showing him.  We have finished many Champions, Grand Champions, Multi-Group placing and Reserve Best in Show. It's very rewarding to have our breeding represented and acknowledged by so many excellent Judges in this way.

MBIS-RBIS-BISS-MBIS/NOH GCH Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision "Jake" is the only red Australian Terrier to ever receive two Best in Shows. He was shown by his breeders/owners/handlers Lydia and Ellie Goiffon. We are so proud to have bred multiple Best inShow Australian Terriers.

We are the only breeder in the United States that no longer alters Australian Terriers at all. We don't dock their tails or remove dew claws. We made this educated decision in 2012 and have never regretted it. Our dogs were born with parts that man altered for reasons that no longer apply. One of those reasons initially for docking, it was thought a docked tail would prevent the dog from getting rabies. Clearly, we know that is not the case. Most people if given the option, would prefer an Aussie with its Natural Tail. You can read a bit more of the reasons here.

We have bred puppies that live all over the world, but we do not ship. If you are interested in a puppy from us, you can fly or drive to us, we are most accommodating and make your stay with us, very comfortable. Here is a map of where our puppies are located. 

Our two younger daughters have worked with a very experienced trainer twice a week, teaching our dogs both conformation and obedience.  We actively show our dogs in local AKC dog shows, in both conformation and Junior Showmanship.

While we enjoy showing our dogs, and I believe, as a reputable breeder, it's good to know how your dogs compare to the standard in the show ring, they are first and foremost our companions and members of our family. They sleep in bed with our kids and have the run of the house.  Our dogs get to do what dogs like to do, run around and play with our kids on over 100 acres in the country.  All of our Aussies are great with the elderly and young alike. We take our Aussie's to visit at our local nursing home, they are always a welcomed sight.   

Our next generation of Aussie lovers, our grandson Henry and our pack, illustrating the temperament of our Aussies. 

Giving Back

We give back by helping our clubs and with Aussie Rescue  and have placed Aussies needing a new home. If you know of an Aussie in need, please let us know how we can help you or direct you to someone else that can.

Memberships and Affiliates

We belong to and are members in good standing, to many great organizations and clubs. For more information about our affiliations, visit our links page. 

We love talking about Aussie's if you have questions about this breed, just drop me an e-mail at info@dunhamlakeaustralianterriers.com or give me a call at 715-689-2675.