Senior Australian Terrier Available

I have 1 senior Australian Terriers available for adoption. These Aussies came from Marge Reignier, Crestwood Australian Terriers. Marge who dedicated her life for our breed, is not well and needed a bit of help finding good homes for her beloved dogs. They are all very sweet, loving and get along well with other dogs.

Keri (14 years old) b/t she had a cleft pallet as a puppy which had been correct, but that is why her two lower teeth stick out. She is a very gentle soul, sweet and loving.

If you are interested in one of these sweet seniors and would like to give them a forever home, or know of someone, please call me at 715-689-2675or email me at for more details. I know your life will be blessed by sharing it with one of these special dogs.

Thank you!

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