On the weekend of February 21, 2015, Dunham Lake Over the Moon "Oscar" had his debut agility trial.  It was also Emily's, his handler, debut. This team began training a year ago with the hopes to begin competing, should it continue to be a fun experience.  There is no doubt that Oscar loves agility. He enjoys his classes and begins his "happy whining" when the car makes the turn into his training facility.  If you see a video of him run, or even a picture, it is easy to see the hop in his step and the smile on his face. We are very proud of Oscar's CPE agility debut. He had 3 clean runs and earned 3 Qs (qualifying runs) toward the next level.

Expect great things from this team. They have caught the agility bug and are looking forward to continue their training for many more competitions."

Many thanks to Beth Moon for the video's!