Jazz now known as Buddy

August 2011

 "I can't thank you and Ellie enough for Buddy, aka Jazz.  He is a true delight.  Also, thank you again for the grooming yesterday.  You went above and beyond. 
 You are a dear sweet lovely lady.  All my appreciation isn't thanks enough." Sincerely, Barbara

I received a call from Jazz's owner, stating that after 2 1/2 years they decided that he was no longer a good fit for their family.  As my contracts state, I require my puppies back for re-homing. I was very glad to take him back and I know his family wanted a better home for him.

 That day, I found him a new home with a family that was on my waiting list.  Within 1 hour he was already in his new forever home.  His new owners Barbara and her husband have raised Bassett hounds over the years and have trained many Lab's as well. They are very experienced dog owners and lovers, but the Australian Terrier was a new breed for them.

I have spoken to his new owner many times and today 09-20-11, Barbara came with Jazz, who is now called Buddy for a visit and grooming. He is still the delightful, happy puppy he always was. She is very happy with him and I have no doubts he will be with her forever. 

To paraphrase Barbara, Buddy is very well behaved, not even one accident in the house.  He travels wonderfully, he's great with my grand children too.  He is smart, very well socialized and a perfect fit for us. I think he would be a good fit for any family, but I am so happy he is ours.

Thank you Barbara!