Buddy Updates

Buddy is living in Minnesota with his new Mom and Dad.  He is their only dog and he is going to be so loved!

Buddy tried a bit of the show ring but he would rather be at home with his family :) We look forward to updates from Buddy's family and look forward to seeing him again soon :) He is a wonderful dog!

We've had a wonderful week with Buddy.  He is training us very well!  He loves to be outside, is getting to know the walking path around our property and doesn't even notice his leash any more.  Buddy seems to be fearless but cautious & polite.  He's been on a couple short ATV rides.  When Scott drove up on the ATV the 2nd time, Buddy ran up to him and wanted on.  He has met a couple of our neighbors and their pets.  He was better behaved than they were. 

Time spent watching the web cam gave us an insight into Buddy's daily routine and activities that helped us understand him and is making his transition easier.  Twelve weeks was a long time to wait, but definitely worth it as he seemed to be ready for a change and is taking to us and his new home quite well.   

Thank you again for everything.  We'll try to get some pictures for you this weekend.  LuAnn & Scott

We are having so much fun with Buddy!  As you can see from the attached picture, he's settling right in.  He is observant and curious--investigating everything inside and outside.  He rides nice in the car, walks so well with his leash, and slept through the night.  He was awake at 7 this morning, but after going outside, slept with us for a couple hours!

He loves to play with his toys and runs with them from one end of our house to the other.  Sometimes he will be calm and lay nearby watching us talk.  No barking yet.  Thank you for everything you and your family did to raise him to be so well adjusted and lovable.