Candace Updates


Candace is living with her family in Minnesota. She joins their other dog Sasha who is 10 years old. She will be a perfect fit for hew family as they will be for her.

From her family: Candace is a sweetheart.  We love her to pieces.  The ride home was very nice.  We had a good night with her.  She cried when we crated her for the night; but only for about five minutes and then she was good until morning.   

The transition with Sasha is going better than expected.    I think they will make a good pair.  Although, I'm not sure Sasha will ever be as playful as Candace would like.
All in all things are going very well here.  Will keep in touch.
Candace sends XOXO to Ellie.


Check back for updates and new photos!


 Candace's last day. Ellie's favorite puppy from this litter :)

Ellie, Candace and Maddie :)