Cody is living in Oklahoma with his wonderful family. 

He has a best friend Kade!

We receive updates regularly from his Mom Bonni, which always makes our day!

Cody is very loved and goes EVERYWHERE with his loving family. 


Thank you Scott, Bonni and Kade!



Cody Updates!

 He is just like you described aussies to be, so fun you can never have a bad day when they are around!

Cody is doing great! We take him just about everywhere.I love that he will cuddle with me and then go down to the foot of the bed. Cody loves to wake Kade up every morning. I let him run upstairs and then I put him bed with Kade where he does a lick fest complete with a tail wag dance.

Cody is so full of personality! Everyone comments on that right away after meeting him. He is so attentive and SUPER easy to train. I try to practice a “drop” command with him but as soon as I have a treat in my hand he has already “dropped” his item before I can give the command!

Today, Cody is already going to the door and waiting to potty outside.  He is hasn't had an acccident in the house for a long time.  He's so smart and so easy to train.  He can do all kinds of tricks already and finishing his potty training has been a breeze!

I love how smart Cody is! He is still doing really well on his sit and down so please thank Ellie for us. We ask him to sit for his meals, sit before he takes walks, so much he just sits and we give him things!! We are just keeping up with the work that she did.

The puppies are all so great and I know they will all do great.  You have given us all a great start!! 

Cody saw some jets today that flew over, the trash truck passed him while we were on our walk, we visited my grandfather in the nursing home, another family members house, and picked up Kade from class where he watched a very intense dodgeball game (he wanted to join in)!  No accidents ha! 

I love that you kept him through the fear imprinting stage.  He is not bothered by ANYTHNG!  He is just curious.  He's favorite is leaves blowing in the wind.

 He is doing WONDERFULLY!! My husband was super impressed with how smart he is and how he is NOT crying at night!! Yeah!! I know he is really surprised at how different this as been then when we did it 15 years ago and the crate training you did is what made it so great. Thank you so much! 

Cody did not potty or poop in the airport or on the plane. He waited to go when we made a stop on the way home! Good boy. He squirmed at times but never a bark. He got to see lots of people and lots of ooohh and ahhs!! Kade and Cody are on the couch watching t.v.