Dori Updates!

March 2010 Just a quick note to tell you about Dori. She is quite the lover... Kisses and snuggles all the time. I do have to say that I'm left like a dirty shirt if Leon is around, She likes to grab her bone and sit on or between his feet. I can't believe she is going to be 1 year old, seems like we have had her forever. She and Zoey are still deciding who is the boss when they roll and tumble.
The new puppies are darling, I'll bet they are already sold!  She is a real outdoor dog, loves her walks. Leon calls them recreational tours, because most often she forgets that there are other purposes for the walks.


(See photos and more updates below.)

Dori Updates! 

August 2009

She is such a bundle, you can't imagine!!! She really keeps us on our toes we laugh at her antics and mannerisms she would fit in great with Molly and Beckam she is non-stop..... We sure do love her! 

June 2009


Hi, Dori is doing just great..She is a little ball of dynamite....There is not much stop time unless she is napping in her kennel.  She loves Zoey (their 1 yr old golden retriever), (Zoey is still trying to figure out what is so good tasting about her ears!!!)  but they are doing much better.  She loves her toys and does her laps around the house and soars when she hits the step to the family room.  Haven't had her in my bed yet, but think she would probably be fine.  She is all kisses and snuggles no spot left untouched.  She weighs 9. 4 lbs.  So she is a growing girl. You would just laugh when she plays with her ball and ring.  She stalks them and then throws them and then chases them. She is a great traveler, too.  Have been making several trips to Duluth to oversee care of my mom and my aunt (92 and 99 respectively) My mom thinks she is the cutest thing ever......
Thanks so much for the update Sue!

Dori went to live with Sue, Leon and Zoey.  This is what Sue had to say... 

Thought I would give you an update....She is just a doll!  She is a cuddler and a little lover, kisses all over the place!!  No accidents at all and the first night she didn't make a peep.   Last night she cried for about 10 minutes and then slept until I get up at 6:15.  We are still working on the bonding thing with Zoey, but Zoey did let Dori give her kisses, so we are getting there!  I just laugh when she scoots around....she is like  lightening here and gone in a flash.  She loves her rope tuggie and does laps around the family room.  I have to share cuddle times with my husband....Zoey is passed cuddling.  We love her and will take good care of her.  I brought her to our vet's to introduce her and they thought she was a doll, too.  I'll keep you updated. Sue