Koby Picture Gallery-Extended Family Updates

Koby lives in  Wisconsin with his family.

They love Koby and he will be so happy with their wonderful family!

We had our first snowfall today and Kobe was chasing the flakes, he knew they were going on top of snow covered ground, but was puzzled as to which one he was chasing.  He wasn’t afraid of it or overly excited, just in the figuring out stage.

This is a first dog that I have ever had that accepts his crate and playpen area we have set up for him.  He has never soiled either one.  Being consistent with him has helped.

Overall, I would say that Kobe has been an amazing  puppy and seems very mature going thru his puppy stage year one.  We have had minimal difficulties in going thru it.  Even at doggie daycare they had remarked how grown up Kobe seems to be and is not like most new puppies (well behaved). 

He is just a beautiful little boy…..just love him.