Myers Wins 1st Place Rally Obedience in Florida! Way to go Myers and Russ!

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 Myer's 1 year old Birthday Celebration with his Dad, Russ :)

Myers is now living with his loving family in Florida. He will be living a very exciting life with his family living part-time on a spacious house boat.  We look forward to hearing about all his adventures!

Myers wins 1st Place Rally Obedience in Florida, April 7, 2011 way to go Myers and Russ!!

Myers graduated in 2nd Place in his beginner obedience class of 20.  He was one of the youngest in the class, being only 7 months old.

The German Shepherd in 1st Place was two years old and had been through the class twice before.

So proud of you!!

How is Obedience class going?

"He is the Best in the class of 20 dogs. He learns a new comand in 5 minutes." said Russ.

Talked to Russ, Nancy and Myers via Skype last week, they are doing great!  Myers looked gorgeous, as he had just come back from the groomer.  Out of this litter, Myers had the most striking head, very masculine and he is quite a looker! 

Myers can play dead, still knows how to give "high 5's" and sits.  He performs his tricks to the people they meet on their daily walks and is quite a little ham.

I receive updates via email regularly from Russ and Nancy, it's great!  Russ always has a fun story to tell about Myers and so complimentary to us for how we raise our puppies.  We thank you both for your kind words and the fun updates! 

Myers is starting obedience class soon, can't wait to hear all about it!

He continues to do well, loves everyone and everyone loves him. He is growing so fast. Soon will have been with us 4 weeks. We are working on "Stay" now. He has "down" mastered.

Wow!  What a dog.

Myers has been doing his tricks, enjoys meeting new people and enjoys walks all over town including the local Farmers Market and Coffee Shop.

Lots and lots of compliments over how cute and smart he is.  He is so calm at times.

"Myers picked out his own toys. I told him to get the two that he liked. The sales girls laughed like crazy as he walked down the aisle, picked out a pink sausage dog, dropped it and then went over a bit and grabbed another stuffed animal". Thank you so much for the great updates!  Can't wait to hear more...