Teddy Updates 


Duane and Jan (Teddy's family) joined us at the 2010 AKC Eukanuba show in Long Beach California.  It was so great to have them there, cheering for Ellie and Beckham! We can't thank you guys enough for your love and support!

Beckham, Ellie and Jan (Teddy's Mom)


Teddy came for a visit and a little grooming, what a guy he is!  I'm so happy with how he turned out!  What a pleasure as a breeder to see what you produced, as well as, what a great friendship we have with Jan and her family.   

Teddy is as you can see quite handsome.  He has a great personality.  He's smart, friendly and has a bit of a wild side as many of them do.  He played with Beckham, Gabby and Molly as well as a couple of the cats.  He is so very loved! 

Thanks for the visit Jan and Teddy!


Just had to let you know that Duane and Teddy finished up
agility class last night and he was a "winner." Well, we know he's a
winner all right! But anyway, they played a game to see who'd get
all of the commands right and it was Teddy's night! Guess you could
say, he got the coveted gold medal - a super sized bone! Both of
"the guys" are feeling pretty special, let's just hope it doesn't go
to their heads.

Congrats Teddy!!

February 2010 Teddy came for a vist with him Mom, Jan.  He is eveything I hoped he'd be.  He's wonderful in temperament, conformation and of course he's beautiful.  He looks much like his father Harley and a bit like his auntie Kaih. 

He made a new friend in Beckham. We weren't sure how the two boys were going to get along, so we kept them on a leash at first.  They were instantly BEST FRIENDS!   

Thanks Jan and Family for loving Teddy so much!

Teddy Updates!


October 2009

Hi Theresa - I have a couple of cute pictures of Teddy for you that were taken a couple of weeks ago and today.  The first is a shot of him pondering the snowflakes of our first snowfall a couple of weeks ago.  He looks so serious - must be thinking "am I ready for this?"   Know it's hard to believe but the little sweetheart of a pooch does have quite the mischievous side and the second picture really captures it to a tee.  We had new windows installed in our house a week or so ago and until my blinds arrive I decided to put several sheets of brown wrapping paper on them for privacy.  Well, wouldn't you know it, one fell off and he was quick to grab it and run.  The rest is history...he's having a heyday shredding.  Notice the joy, and not guilt, on his face - he's definitely enjoying every minute of it.
You're probably thinking - gosh, this dog needs a little grooming.  He's quite the little fuzz ball.  We'll have to get a date on the calendar for a groom soon.
Hi to everyone for us. 
Thanks Jan for the wonderful photos and updates!  He's so gorgeous, looks more and more like Harley every time I see him.  What a great tribute to Harley, so glad you have him! 

August 2009

Hi Theresa - time for an updated Teddy photo and news. Think I
mentioned that Teddy is quite the little leaper. No kidding, it's
like he has little springs attached to the bottom of his feet. Here
he is sitting on the chair by our computer - he's so smart I'm sure
he'll be sending you an email or too before long. I had to laugh the
other day because I heard sound coming from our piano. Sure thing,
there he was sitting on the bench with paws poised on the keys to
begin playing - Beethoven, of course! Well, it's official, he made
it through Obed I and now has a month off before starting Obed II.
Then think we'll have him do something fun - agility or tricks, guess
they teach something like 18. I didn't know there were that many!

July 2009

Teddy and his family came for a visit!  We had a wonderful time with all of them.  Teddy is so wonderful and smart.  He even knows how to give "high fives"!  I've never seen anything like it!  He is getting so big and is so handsome.  He looks very much like Harley.  We went on a pontoon ride, he played so hard with his friends, he slept all the way home. Thanks Teddy's family for visiting with us, what a fun day!

We took in the Farmer's Market yesterday AM with Teddy in tow and he was such a hit and good boy.  Teddy and I went to the vet for his final shots on Thursday and he weighed in at close to 13 pounds.  It's hard to believe how much he's grown and changed since his came home.  He's such a great guy!  Potty training is fabulous -he's really got it down. All of his baby front teeth have fallen out and the perms are now coming in.  He looked funny without them.

 June 2009

Teddy started puppy kindergarten class, he is doing very well!  He sleeps in bed with his family and they love him so much.  Jan brought him to the dog show in Cambridge it was so great to see him!  He is gorgeous, smart and he is doing incredible. Jan and family are outstanding parents and he is growing physically and emotionally by leaps and bounds!  Pictured below is Em with her new boyfriend, Teddy! Just so you know, it's not recommended to bathe your Aussie in the dishwasher.  I must also suggest that driving with your Aussie on the dash board isn't a great idea no matter how much they might want to:^)

Teddy went to live with Duane, Jan and Emily.  This is what Jan had to say...


"Theresa, the "big" day is here!  Well, you may be seeing the last little guy walk out the door, but you definitely haven't seen the last of him or us!  We'll keep in touch.  Thanks for being such a great breeder, person and friend!  We could never have imagined not finding you and are so glad that we all connected way back in January, it was meant to be!  You're truly what everyone's breeder should be!"  Jan, Duane and Em


 Thanks Jan and family!