Most breeders will have immunized the puppy with his first shots. Your breeder will provide you with a list from their veterinarian of what shots were given and when. It’s always a good idea to visit your own vet within a week for a full puppy check and discuss with your vet the proper vaccination protocol to follow.

For specific data and research I suggest you read this article: 

Annual physical and vaccinations, which includes advice on flea and tick control options. As well as annual heartworm tests and control. Lyme's preventative is also recommended depending on your area or if you plan to be in an area affected with deer ticks.

Spaying your female (after one cycle) or  neutering your male, suggested at 12 to 18 months of age.

Shot Protocol followed by Dunham Lake Aussies

4 Weeks: Deworming

6 Weeks: Deworming

10 Weeks: Distemper, Parvovovirus, Adenovirus, 
Parainfluenza and Coronavirus.

14 Weeks: Booster  the above 

                                               18 Weeks: Booster the above (Leptosira check with your vet) Separate 2 weeks
Rabies according to your state requirements

1 Year Repeat above

 DO NOT vaccinate the Distemper, Parvovovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, and Coronavirus with Rabies, separate two weeks apart.

Year two titer test, otherwise shots every other year to every third year depending on your location.  Rabies according to your state laws, most states are every three years.

This is just a suggestion and what we follow here at Dunham Lake Aussies. As always check with your Veterinarian for what may be a variable in your specific part of the country.