Dunham Lake Australian Terriers Videos

We enjoy putting our photo's to music to create our video's bringing the true character of the breed to life.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. Here are a few of our favorite video's.

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New video with how we socialize our puppies at 4 weeks old.

"Perfectly Sparrow" the "real" Aussie behind the illustrated book coming out November 2015,

Gch Dunham  Lake Touched by an Angel  "Gabby" wins big at the 2015 Westminster show. Grand Select Winner with breeder/owner/handler Ellie! Turn up the volume!

BIS Gch Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision "Jake" Best of Breed at Westminster 2015 with breeder/owner/handler Lydia Goiffon

Abby and Zeke. Kids and Aussies= PRICELESS 

Grooming your Australian Terrier Puppy 

"Dunham Lake Boy's Round Here... and a Few Girls too".

Australian Terrier Grooming Basics 

The video to the left, is an example of how our Australian Terriers behave. 

Australian Terriers can be very patient. 

They are non aggressive and all get along. I have no issues with my dogs. 

If properly raised, with lots of love and structure, you can see how well they get along even with the most desired "treats". 

Dogs are enjoying the pool in the very hot weather. It is interesting to watch the dynamics within the pack. You can easily pick up on the dominant ones, the easy going ones, etc.
Watch this new video below and be aware of 
Blue-Green Algae in lakes. This algae is world-wide and something everyone that has a dog that goes on any lake should be aware of.




Dunham Lake Australian Terriers...

Why we love them :) 

 Below...Grand Champion Dunham Lake Gabriella "Gabby" Best Bred-by and 1st Award of Excellence at the 2011 AKC Eukanuba National Dog Show. This video has so much meaning to us. The words by (Carrie Underwood) and our photos tell our story. The message...Never Give Up!

Dunham Lake Unanimous Decision "Jake" Having a good time...ALWAYS!

Our first and most viewed video of our Aussies ;)